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Lolli - Pink Opal + Watermint

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The Lolli Collection features opaque colored glass candles with coordinating frosted glass lids. When lit, they take on a beautiful ombré effect - two-toned pops of color to liven up any space!

  • Carefully hand poured at our Nashville factory in this 8-ounce vessel 
  • Soy-blend wax and cotton wick helps your candle burn beautifully 
  • Trim wick before a new burn for a contained flame and even burn

Artfully Crafted - Paddywax is an artisan candle company in Nashville, TN, founded in 1996. Each Paddywax candle features a soy wax blend hand-poured into an easily repurposed vessel with U. S. -sourced cotton wicks. Specializing in candles and diffusers that compliment home decor trends, Paddywax candles are made with quality materials, inspiring color palettes, and intriguing fragrances to set the tone in your home.

Top Notes: Water Mint, Jasmine, Lemon
Middle Notes: Orange Blossom, Silver Linden, Rose Petals
Base Notes: White Amber, Orris Root